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January 24, 2012


here are the few updates on SSP
Shared storage pool
* simply the aggregation of larg number of disk accress multiple VIO server
* Improve the utilization of the available storage
* using the thin-provisioned, even after mapped a size of logical unit to the client, it will use only when the disk is start filling

* client partition which used this SSP is not supports the live partition mobility
* The number of max client partition per VIOS in the cluster is 20
* The number of max physical volume in SSP is 128
* The number of maximum logical unit in the cluster is 200
* This will support only IP version 4
* minum LUN that mapped to the SSP should be 20GB
* Fiber channel over etnernet (FCoE) adapter not supported
* It will not support non-MIO, SDD, powerpath, legacy HDLM & so on)
* The client server in cluster will not support AMS & suspend/Resume
* The server does not supports SEA interrupt mode
* The logical volume that mapped to the client can't exceed 1TB

Important point:-
* At the time of creating the cluster, only single node per cluster & one single SP per clsuter supported
* The mapping will be the logical usit resides behind the SSP
* Clsuter ip address must be the first entry on /etc/hosts
* changing the hostname is not supported after the VIO is added as the part of clsuter
* Repository disk & SSP should have the redundany at the storage level
* At the time of writing, physical disk in SSP can't be replaced or removed
* only VIOS will be the part of this clsuter
* This clsuter using CAA( clsuter Aware AIX) & RSCT technology, So a network connection is must in between the nodes.
* "poold" daemon handle group services & "vio_daemon" is responsilbe for montior the clsuter & SSP health

* Power6 & above
* Powervm standar or enterprise edition
* VIO Fix pack 24 sp 1 or later
* Atleast 4GB memory
* client partition should be 5.3 or later
* The physcial drive in SSP should have the default PCM, SDDPCM, Powerpath PCM , HDLM PCM & so on)
* At the time of writing, the SSP supports a sinlge node in the cluster & it will work only when 'poold' & 'vio_daemon' is running
* Each VIOS in cluster requires at least one PV for CAA

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