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January 31, 2012


Any recommendation on what user should own this script and what the permissions bits settings will allow padmin to run the script as given? I've tried both root as owner and padmin as owner without success. It's interesting to note that the cluster cmd runs best as padmin.

Here's output of two results I get when padmin owns the script.
[First run as user padmin]
$ ./lspool
rksh: ./lspool: 0403-019 The operation is not allowed in a restricted shell.
[Now run as root]
$ oem_setup_env
# ./lspool
./lspool[2]: /home/padmin/.profile: 0403-006 Execute permission denied.
./lspool[3]: cluster: 0403-006 Execute permission denied.
Cluster list:

D Houck, please try running the command without the ./ e.g.

$ lspool

Can you tell me the absolute path where you store the created lspool script? With it placed in /home/padmin, running with or w/out ./ makes no difference, both fail to run as before.

D Houck, place the script in /home/padmin. Run oem_setup_env and change the permissions and ownership on the file, then try running the script again:

$ oem_setup_env
# chown padmin.staff lspool
# chmod 755 lspool
# exit
$ lspool

Thanks for the advice Chris.
I may have found an typo in the script as listed above.



. ~/.profile


That's not a type. It's called dot sourcing. It runs in your current shell environment. Can be used to dynamically updated env variables in your current running shell.

Hi nigel,
today i am trying to use SSPs .
I see in your BLOG that it ssems you use more than one cluster?

clusters=`cluster -list | sed '1d' | awk -F " " '{ printf $1 " " }'`
echo "Cluster list: " $clusters

Or is there a way to configure more than one SSP?

I have 4 VIOs und 2 different DiskSystems. I like to separate them in different pools?!

Thanks Menne

Is there a possiblility to configure more than one cluster within one VIO?

I am not Nigel, I am Rob. However, I sent your question over to Nigel, and with his permission, I am posting his response.

"A VIOS can only be in one SSP cluster and there can only be one pool in a SSP.

If the four VIOS are used for different purposes like a pair for Production and a pair for development then the pairs can be in a different SSP.

So you can have separately more than one pool but not connected to the same VIOS or VIOS pair. if you use the common practice Dual VIOS config.

The script was written to handle multiple pools and clusters in the future but we don't have that feature yet.

I think they should watch


Will shared storage pools work with iSCSI based LUNs?

According to this link:

"The VIOS logical partitions in the cluster require access to all the SAN-based physical volumes in the shared storage pool of the cluster"

As of right now we are talking about fibre based SAN LUNs, not iSCSI.


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