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March 27, 2012


When you use the term "open storage" are you referring to storage arrays that are not IBM?

Nice article.
It's a shame that you can only assign 16 luns per virtual scsi adapter.

Despite using VIOS + IBM i sounds unnatural, it´s a great feature even on racked servers. Shops using devices for consolidating storage could increase ASP space just with some configuration, changing the way we size or disk space.
With high-end storage devices you can even improve performance working with caching features and we have more than one path for each disk, even with just one VIOS.
Compare this with traditional 1 adapter per disk and you can picture you can't call this slow.
And one thing it's not mentioned : you can rise disk arm usage beyond 30% or 40% best practice metrics with a lower impact in performance.
Off course, you need storage specialists and even architects to design the best scenario, but I can tell you: It worth the effort.

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