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April 02, 2013


Perzl is very useful, but getting open source packages to build is becoming more and more difficult. AIX is such a minority platform that nobody tests on it, and it's a weird enough Unix to often cause build breakage or runtime failure.

The stupidly old version of RPM is a major annoyance, and not just due to the lack of yum. E.g. .spec files generated by the Python 'distribute' system don't work.

I've spent most of the last month manually getting open source components building and packaging for AIX. Getting to the same state on Debian is a single command, job done in 5 minutes.

From where I sit, IBM have abandoned AIX. Check the last-modified date on the packages at The majority are getting on for a decade old.

Have a look at my tool for RPM dependency resolution on AIX.

If is gone , oss for AIX is gone. Its a shame that IBM does not proide ANY support for oss. I even tell customer not to use AIX anymore since the availability of oss packages can not be guaranteed if needed.

BTW: A few years ago i had a chat with SUSE and their ability to enhance their BuildService (OBS) to support AIX. They said it would cost around 100K € to implement support for AIX.
This support would provide the whole linux stack of software for AIX.

Later i had a chat with a IBM manager from the US regarding this issue. His answer: If we get money out of it ....

No wonder that i see AIX vanishing all over.

With kind regards
Hajo Ehlers ( AIX System Engineer )

This is not an AIX issue, this is actually an issue with "Linux only" development approach that many software projects have. The BSDs have a similar issue trying to support Linux'isms.

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