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September 02, 2014


"Traditional" vscsi is probably not that useful/attractive anymore. But when you introduce vscsi with shared storage pools things get interesting. SSP allows you to use cool features like snapshots and linked clones, which are very powerful system backup/recovery and cloning technologies built right into the VIOS. For rootvg, SSP and vscsi makes a lot of sense.

Definitely vscsi from SSP for OS volumes and NPIV for data volumes primarily for the reason you mentioned. Loved the analogy about changing the tire while driving down the road... At the VIO layer, boot those from the SAN to avoid having to deal with local disk in the servers altogether.

or you could use npiv for everything. It works just fine. and vscsi has never proven usefull for me, more of a pain that its worth..

then again I am the SAN guy as well as the AIX admin.

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