September 02, 2008

Mashup Will Change How IT and Business Interact

I recently attended the IBM Mashup Center and Data Studio roadshow. Until this event I didn't really understand what the fuss was about, but now I can see how Mashup will change how companies' IT and business operations interact.

To appreciate IBM Mashup Center and Data Studio, you need a better understanding of Mashup and Web 2.0. In the case of Web 2.0, it's not Internet2, and it’s not a new Web development language. Web 2.0 describes a methodology of designing Web sites that make it easier to share information through greater user collaboration.

Mashup refers to any Web application that combines data from more than one source and integrates it into a single Web service,

IBM Mashup Center

IBM Mashup Center will reduce the backlog of information requests from the business side by enabling these users to dynamically build their own information.

Don't let the presence of the Lotus name throw you. Lotus is an IBM brand used by all products associated with collaboration. Here's a good overview of Lotus Mashup.

Data Studio

IBM Data Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE). The Data Studio Developer is the tool used to create and test database and pureQuery applications. Data Studio can easily enable any new or existing stored procedures and java programs as a web service. As a Web service, Lotus Mashup can now easily generate RSS feeds and widgets for the data provided from the Web service. Data Studio and Lotus Mashup are tools to help implement SOA (a topic I covered in a recent DB2utor blog entry).

If the IBM Mashup Center and Data Studio Roadshow comes to your area, I highly recommend taking the time to attend.