December 02, 2008

New Forum for T-Rexxers

The term T-Rex is commonly used to describe people who work on IBM System z mainframes. The idea that the mainframe is extinct, like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, is a myth that's been disseminated to college students for years. I remember a student from a database management class I taught at Concordia University telling me the mainframe was dead. That was more than a decade ago. 

For a thorough debunking of mainframe myths, check out the new forum located at Consider this new Web site the mainframe community's contribution to the social-networking explosion. allows mainframe professionals to post blog entries, resumes, job opportunities, troubleshooting discussions and general comments. The site also provides news, a calendar of events and relevant links. One link, for example, offers PC hints and tips. You'll also find links to fun stuff like a "Revenge of the Mainframe" video and a mainframe history quiz.

If you're a mainframe professional, please join and share your knowledge and experiences. And if you're new to the mainframe community, please join and bring your questions, problems and challenges. If you can't find the answer to a question, by all means, ask. As an instructor, I know: There are no dumb questions.