January 27, 2009

HEAD: DB2 Diagnostics: They're in There

Over the past 20 years I've had many roles working with DB2. For a few years I worked as the only DB2 systems programmer at a small company. If we had a problem, I was the one who had to fix it.

I remember the first time I received a severe reason code 00C90101:

"The data manager detected an internal error within DB2. This error may indicate inconsistent data or an error in internal DB2 control structures or code."

Reading on down the page, the user response recommendation was to notify the systems programmer. At my small company, I was the systems programmer. Neat. Now what do I do? 00C090101 offered further instructions:

"If you suspect an error in DB2, refer to Part 2 of Diagnosis Guide and Reference for information on identifying and reporting the problem."

Lacking a Diagnosis Guide and Reference manual, I turned to IBM's Web site, where I knew I could find manuals (like, for example, DB2 for z/OS Version 8 manuals). I noticed the Diagnosis Guide and Reference included a link to order the manual. But when I clicked, I received this text:

"Diagnosis Guide and Reference is a licensed publication and not available for download. You can order the DB2 UDB for z/OS V8 Licensed Library Collection on CD-ROM from the IBM Publications Center to get a softcopy PDF. Search for publication number LK3T-7128."

Of course I couldn't wait for a hard copy to be shipped to me. If only I'd known then that IBM delivers the Diagnosis Guide with DB2. Yes, it's in there--and my hope is that this bit of knowledge will help you out down the road should you run into a problem.

For DB2 V8, the DB2 for z/OS Diagnosis Guide and Reference data set is DSN810.SDSNIVPD(DSNDR). The latest release of this manual is the sixth edition (February 2008). For DB2 V9, the data set is DSN910.SDSNIVPD(DSNDR), and the latest release is the second edition (October 2007). The data set must be downloaded in binary format to a file on your PC with a suffix of .pdf. New versions of this document are delivered with DB2 maintenance.