March 09, 2010

Old Xephon Articles Still Available

Via the DB2-L list server, I recently discovered a treasure trove of old DB2 articles originally published in Xephon magazine. All this information is currently hosted on, with the permission of the owners of the z/Journal publication, who retain the rights to the Xephon content.

What I really like about this information is that, in addition to covering DB2 features and function, it includes sample SQL and scripts. This can really help you as a DB2 administrator. 

Go here to view these articles, which were written between 1998 and 2005.

Here are just a few of the titles that are available in the Xephon archive:

•    The importance of Modify Utility
•    Checking SYSIBM.SYSCOPY for a second dataset with the same VOLSER/FILESEQNO
•    Analyzing the DSNZPARM load module
•    DSN1COPY generator utility
•    Monitoring space growth using traces
•    Optimizing tablespace and indexspace
•    Improving DISTINCT’s performance of SQL in DB2
•    DB2 DDL syntax checker for the Create and Alter statement
•    DB2 Plan_Table access and maintenance