May 25, 2010

SHARE Reaching Out to IT Students with New Award

I just got back from the IDUG North America and CA World conferences and I'll soon have lots to share regarding significant enhancements coming to z/OS, including new management interfaces like CA Mainframe Chorus and development tools like IBM Data Studio.

For this week though, I want to let you know that SHARE, IBM and CA Technologies are launching a new student award. I've been talking about the need for mainframe companies to attract the next generation of enterprise IT professionals for awhile now, so I'm excited about this award, which will be handed out at the upcoming SHARE conference in Boston Aug. 1-5.

The SHARE Academic Award for Excellence is a great opportunity for students to get a taste of the IT profession and win great prizes. The goals of this award are to create awareness of SHARE among the academic community and to showcase and reward academic work that SHARE acknowledges as relevant to the future of enterprise computing. The award is open to students with an interest in enterprise computing who are enrolled full-time in high school, undergraduate and graduate university programs focused on Information Systems, Computer Science, Information Technology or a related concentration.

The June 18 entry deadline is quickly approaching. Go here for details.