August 03, 2010

The Mainframe's Promising Future

I travel around the country speaking to customers about the mainframe. Some people tell me we shouldn't call it the mainframe any longer, because so many outsiders hear the name and think the mainframe is dead. Others tell me we should be proud of what the mainframe has always represented: high throughput, availability and scalability.

While I agree that what the mainframe has represented is a matter of pride, I also tell customers that there are many more good days ahead. In fact, I've been talking about this for awhile (here and here). Consider the problems companies currently face -- the pressure to meet security compliance, the need to reduce costs, and the rein in energy usage. The mainframe is well-positioned to deal with all of these and other issues. It's secure, it's cost-efficient and it's energy-efficient. Rest assured, the system we've spent our careers with has a bright future.

And it isn't just IBM that's invested in the mainframe's future. I see it everyday at my own company, CA Technologies. CA conducts ongoing research and development to introduce new, innovative solutions to make it even easier to manage mainframe environments. And, yes, we're bringing new computer science graduates into the world of the mainframe.

Recently, CA produced a video with Bob Thomas interviewing Dayton Semerjian, CA's corporate senior vice president and general manager of the mainframe business unit. (Incidentally, I work for Dayton as the product manager of CA's new Chorus solution.) In the video he discusses the mainframe's past successes and why the platform is well-positioned to keep growing.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this informative video.