January 25, 2011

DB2 Education Site Evolving

Last month I made note of a new website, At the time of its early December launch, the site was pretty bare-bones and still in the development stage. However, it's come together quickly and nicely.

Poking around recently, I'm very impressed with both the layout and, especially, the freely available content. For instance, there's a Database Fundamentals book, a go-to guide for anyone who's looking to become a DBA. The book describes in detail the role DBAs play in IT and explains the various terms and technologies that DBAs deal with everyday. In addition, there's a listing of DBA job types.

In addition, the download section has free software, the resource section offers free books with exercises to help you learn and the learning section offers free, instructor-led classes. Once you enroll in a class, you just use the online chat function to receive input and assistance from the instructor.

I expect the site will continue to evolve. One thing I'd like to see is the chat function expanded to allow registered members to communicate with one another.

If you've visited -- and in particular if you've taken a class there -- please register your thoughts about the site in Comments.