February 22, 2011

zNextGen Free Mainframe Education

Last week I wrote about SHARE and mentioned the zNextGen (zNG) project, which provides a networking vehicle for young mainframe professionals.

Attending SHARE conferences isn't a requirement for membership. To become an zNG member, register here.

zNG members receive access to the free mainframe online courses at Interskill.

•    To receive a new user ID/password, e-mail [email protected] and mention your zNG membership. Once confirmed, your user name and password will be sent to you.
•   Go here to log in and start your 12 free courses
•    Contact Darren Surch ([email protected]) if you have an expired user ID/password.

zNextGen Curriculum            
o    Assembler Introduction  
o    COBOL Programming: Basics  
o    Introduction to the CICS Transaction Server  
o    Introduction to the IBM Enterprise Environment  
o    Introduction to the REXX Programming Language  
o    JCL (z/OS): Introduction to z/OS JCL 1.11  
o    SDSF Concepts and Facilities  
o    Unicenter CA-OPS/MVS II: Event Automation Concepts and Components  
o    Using Online System Facilities: TSO/ISPF 1.11  
o    VSAM Utilities  
o    z/OS Architecture 1.11  
o    z/OS Concepts and Components 1.11