June 21, 2011

Mainframe Jobs Picture Appears to be Brightening

I know people in IT who've spent up to two years searching for a new job. And of course some wonder about the mainframe's long-term viability. While I wouldn't try to claim that it isn't tough out there, in my position working for a large mainframe software vendor, I have seen some promising signs.

For instance, according to the job trend analysis website,, DB2 programming jobs are up 79 percent from September 2009. DB2 systems programming jobs are up 103 percent, and DB2 DBA jobs are up 2 percent.

Here are a couple of mainframe job sites:

  • System z Job Board (registration required): I did register, and, by searching on keywords, locations and job types, I found more than 2,000 listings.
  • Mainframe Zone: This site has a mainframe-specific job search engine.

If you're out of work or (hopefully) recently hired, please share a bit about your job search experiences in Comments. What helped you land a job? What resources were valuable to you?