July 05, 2011

Checking for DB2 Updates is Worth the Manual Labor

When IBM announced DB2 10 last fall, I immediately downloaded all of the DB2 10 manuals. The manuals have been a great help to me in my endeavors to tell you about the newest DB2 capabilities and features. However, recently, as I was doing more research on DB2, I thought I'd check online and see if the DB2 manuals had been updated. To my surprise, they had been updated significantly. In fact, every manual I checked had been changed. I immediately proceeded to refresh my entire library.

The best thing about this is, the changes to the manuals are definitely for the better. The original document was sparse and confusing. The new manual has been rewritten with much more detail, making things easier to understand. This probably shouldn't surprise me. It takes a lot of people and a ton of effort to produce a DB2 release, and IBM database technologists work under a tight schedule. Once the release is out there, then the documentation has a chance to catch up.

The point is, if you rely on DB2 user manuals like I do, make sure you have the latest versions. If you're using manuals that are even a few months old, you're likely missing out on some important information.