December 20, 2011

My Favorite DB2 Blogs

Most of the top DB2 experts have their own blogs. These blogs can help you keep up on what’s happening with DB2 and the DB2 community. Do you have a favorite DB2 for z/OS blog? Well, if you're reading this, then I would hope I make it into your top blogger list -- and there is a healthy list of excellent DB2 blogs out there:

Planet DB2 (DB2 Blog Aggregator)

Getting the Most out of DB2 for z/OS (Willie Favero)

DB2 Portal (Craig Mullins)


Native XML Database (Matthias Nicola)

DB2 News & Tips (Fred Sobotka)

Dave Beulke

DBI Blogs

IT, Life, DB2, pureXML, House Construction (Henrik Loeser)

Channel DB2

Robert Catterrall

SAP on DB2 for z/OS (Omer Brandeis)

Thoughts on DB2 (Triton)

Just DB2 Chatter (Jan Koblenzer)

DB2 Performance (Sameer Kumar)

Smart Questions

Juice DB (Rav Ahuja)

Database Diary (Conor O’Mahony)

The Fillmore Group Blog (Kim May & Frank Fillmore)

DB2 Express-C Team

Free DB2

MHC Inc (Martin Hubel)

DB2utor (Troy Coleman)

If I had to pick a favorite from this lengthy list, I'd go with Planet DB2, because it offers the deepest and most frequently updated list of active DB2 blogs.

And, honestly, DB2utor is another of my favorite blogs. One thing I like about this blog is its search capability. I've spent many hours researching and testing features. Some of these features I use only occasionally in the real world, so I can't always immediately recall every command I should issue or every function I should perform. Fortunately, when that happens, I can just search on the blog name (DB2utor) and a database term (locking) and quickly retrieve what I'm looking for -- e.g., "DB2utor locking."

 Anyway, if you didn't find your favorite DB2 blog on this list, please let me know in Comments.

 Thanks so much for reading this blog. See you in 2012.