January 24, 2012

DB2 10 Information APARs

Last week I listed some recently updated IBM Redbooks. When I looked more closely at one of these publications, the "DB2 10 for z/OS Performance Topics" Redbook, I found a great of list of APARs. IBM considered these DB2 10 for z/OS information APARs important enough to list in appendix A:

  • II10817 – STORAGE : Info APAR for storage usage errors
  • II14334 – LOBs : Info APAR link all the LOB support delivery
  • II14401 – MIGRATION : Info APAR for fallback to DB2 9 from DB2 10
  • II14426 – XML : Info APAR link all the XML support delivery
  • I14619 – MIGRATION DDF : Info APAR for DB2 10 DDF migration

Informational APARs can help you keep track of issues related to a specific area of DB2. If you're moving to DB2 10, you can receive notifications when any of these APARs are updated. Just go any individual APAR page and select the Register link in the top right corner.