January 03, 2012

New Manual Covers DB2 10 for z/OS Security

Every few months, I visit IBM's DB2 product library and refresh all of my PDF manuals.

IBM was busy during the latter part of 2011. The majority of manuals have been updated since September, meaning I refreshed almost my entire DB2 10 manual library. Even if you're still on DB2 9 or DB2 8, you should check your own list, because these manuals have been refreshed as well.

In the course of my library upkeeping, I also found a new manual that you should be aware of: "DB2 10 for z/OS: Managing Security."

Since I haven't yet read this manual, I'll give you the roughest of outlines by citing some chapter titles:

Chapter 2. Managing access through authorization IDs and roles

Chapter 3. Managing access though RACF

Chapter 4. Managing access through row permissions and column masks

Chapter 5. Managing access through trusted context

Chapter 6. Managing access through data definition control

Chapter 7. Managing access through exit routines

Chapter 8. Protecting data through encryption and RACF

Chapter 9. Auditing access to DB2

 With the obvious interest customers have security and compliance issues, and given the many security-related enhancements in DB2 10, it's easy to understand why IBM came out with this new document. Diving into this information is one of my top priorities for the early new year. I'm really looking forward to reading this manual and learning more about DB2 10 for z/OS security.