February 28, 2012

DB2 9 End of Service Announcement

I recently took note of IBM's announcement to end marketing of DB2 9. Well, the DB2 9 end of service announcement quickly followed.

DB2 9 end of service is scheduled for June 27, 2014, so IBM is giving you ample time to plan your upgrade. DB2 8 end of service, however, is only a few months away. If you've already made the decision and started migrating to DB2 9, you probably won't switch gears now (and shouldn't need to). If you haven't started planning to get off of DB2 8 though, your next move should be to DB2 10.

Granted, many companies use unsupported versions of DB2 and other IBM solutions, but there are important benefits to keeping your software reasonably current. For instance, check out this article by David Stephens. Relatedly, here's a good piece by Julian Stuhler on how to justify upgrading to IBM DB2 10 for z/OS.

So does this announcement alter your migration plans? Please post a comment and let us know.