March 20, 2012

More on zEnterprise

As a follow-on to last week's post about IT pros in the LUW space who need to educate themselves on the mainframe and z/OS, here's a quick list of informational and technical resources.

As a starting point, visit IBM's zEnterprise home page. Here you'll find an overview of mainframe servers and other hardware.

The Linux on IBM System z homepage provides an overview of the benefits of using Linux in mainframe environments.

Here are some zEnterprise IBM Redbooks that have been updated in the past month:

IBM zEnterprise 196 Technical Guide

IBM zEnterprise 114 Technical Guide

IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager: Building an Ensemble

A Structured Approach to Assessing Heterogenous Workload Deployment to the IBM zEnterprise System

Finally, here are some of my previous posts related to the topic of zEnterprise:

Hopefully you find this information helpful. Please share your own sources of information in Comments.