March 06, 2012

Removing a Member from a Data Sharing Group

DB2 10 brings many resource improvements in the area of CPU reduction and virtual storage relief. For instance, Jeff Berger discusses capacity improvements in his article, "DB2 10 Conversion Mode."

Because DB2 10 can provide significant virtual storage constraint relief, some companies are considering consolidating their data sharing groups to reduce the number of members. If you're new to data sharing, I highly recommend reading the IBM document, "DB2 10 Data Sharing: Planning and Administration."

Chapter 5 walks you through the process of removing members from the data sharing group. One of the steps is to run the stand-alone utility DSNJU003 with a new set of parameters. To deactivate the member, use DELMBR DEACTIV,MEMBERID=x. RSTMBR MEMBERID=x can then be used to re-activate the member. DELMBR DESTROY disables the member so it cannot be reactivated.

More information about stand-alone utilities and DSNJU003 is available in the Utility Guide and Reference.

Note that this publication was updated in January. Unless you're reading the current manual you won't find information about the DELMBR parameter.

If you're considering consolidating your data sharing groups or have experience in this area, please post a comment so we can all learn from you.