April 24, 2012

Learning DB2 for z/OS

This recent post about the free IDUG workshop prompted a reader from India to ask about the availability of such education in his region. Fortunately, just having Internet access opens up a world of inexpensive  DB2 for z/OS resources.

For instance, IBM manuals: Whenever I need to get started with something new, the DB2 for z/OS manuals are my first stop.

Then there are the DB2 for z/OS certification guides:

 There's also this IBM book that makes the case for upgrading to DB2 10.

 And don't forget about DB2 blogs.

Finally, I recommend this IBM presentation by Surekha Parekh, Willie Favero and Susan Visser: "Staying in Touch with the World of DB2 for z/OS." It greatly expounds on my brief blog list, covering an array of DB2 for z/OS collaborative groups.