May 08, 2012

An Online Roadmap for New DB2 Users

I've found some recent updates on IBM DB2 for z/OS websites. Using the DB2 for z/OS Information Roadmap as a starting point, you'll find a lot of good technical material -- particularly if you're new to DB2 for z/OS.

Notice that the tabs in the middle of the page divide the site into sections on DB2 10, DB2 9 and DB2 8. There's also a section called "new-user."

Beneath the tabs, under the Product Overview>General Information heading, you'll find four links. The first is the IBM Information Management Software for z/OS Solutions Information Center. This is where you can learn about all the solutions that manage information on z/OS, including DB2, IMS and much more.

The second link is called "DB2 for z/OS Technical Resources." I often go here to research technical questions that are related to a specific DB2 release. Again, there's information pertaining to the most recent releases, from DB2 10 back to DB2 8.

The third link is to IBM Learning Services DB2 for z/OS classroom training. Scroll down a bit further, and under the "Version 10 information" subheading you'll find this comprehensive introduction to DB2 for z/OS.