June 26, 2012

DB2 Manual Updates

As I've said before, I regularly check for updates to my favorite IBM manuals.

Here's a quick list of DB2 for z/OS technical documentation that I rely on that's been updated since the beginning of the year:

January 2012

  • Codes

February 2012

  • Administration Guide
  • Application Programming Guide and Reference for Java
  • Command Reference
  • Data Sharing: Planning and Administration
  • Managing Performance

April 2012

  • Application Programming & SQL Guide
  • Diagnosis Guide and Reference
  • Installation and Migration Guide
  • Internationalization Guide
  • Managing Security
  • Messages
  • ODBC Guide and Reference
  • pureXML Guide
  • RACF Access Control Module Guide
  • Utility Guide and Reference
  • What's New?

June 2012

  • SQL Reference
  • SQL Reference for Cross-Platform Development

As I reread the refreshed SQL Reference guide, I realized there's no way to tell exactly what is updated from the original guide. It'd be nice if the updates were listed, but at least in this case, since the What's New manual is unchanged, I assume the refresh simply corrects any documentation errors.

This is one reason I take the time to refresh my document library. Having the latest documentation will keep you from making some syntax and other doc errors. And if you ever do run into a mysterious issue with syntax or SQL, see if the documentation you're working off of has been recently updated.

A lot's happened already in 2012. If you haven't refreshed your library in the past few months, now might be a good time to do so.