July 03, 2012

DB2 Commands for IDAA

Last month I wrote about IBM's just-released draft Redbook on the DB2 Analytics Accelerator. Since then, I've researching the IDAA more closely.

Here's a quick list of IDAA commands:

-DISPLAY THREAD: The DISPLAY THREAD command has been enhanced to show threads that are executing on an accelerator. For example, to view all active threads running on an accelerator, issue this command:

                -DIS THREAD(*) ACCEL(*)


Page 45 of the draft Redbook I cited -- "Optimizing DB2 Queries with IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS" -- displays the output and provides a detailed explanation.

-CANCEL THREAD: The CANCEL THREAD command can now be used to stop the processing of a thread that's executing on IDAA. (Note: You must apply maintenance PM54383 to enable the CANCEL THREAD command to support IDAA.)

-DISPLAY ACCEL: The DISPLAY ACCEL command returns a list of accelerators within a DB2 subsystem. It also provides detail status for a specific member or all members of a data sharing group. 

-START ACCEL(*): The START ACCEL command is used to startup all accelerators. ACCEL(*) within a subsystem or can be used to start a specific accelerator using ACCEL(name).

-STOP ACCEL(*): The STOP ACCEL command is used to stop all accelerators ACCEL(*) defined within a subsystem or a specifically named accelerator -- e.g., ACCEL(name).

Details about all the parameters available for these commands can be found in the DB2 10 for z/OS Command Reference (SC19-2972-04).