September 25, 2012

DSNTIJNH and Catalog Conversions

This question was recently posted on Linkedin's DB2 10 for z/OS group: “Has anyone tried taking their time to going from DB2 V10 ENFM mode and has issues with vendor tools?”

Of course, all of the vendors in the group (including myself representing CA Technologies) responded by noting that our individual products are tested in ENFM and all other conversion modes. What I found interesting though was IBM's response.

The IBM representative said that install job DSNTIJEN starts the catalog conversion process, converting each of the different catalog table spaces to the DB2 10 format. I'd always considered this a scary step, because you may have a limited window for making catalog. However, the IBM rep noted that you can stop the catalog conversion job at any time by submitting DSNTIJNH, and then resume it where it left off by submitting DSNTIJEN again. The rep further explained that IBM has tested against the catalog by stopping jobs at all phases, and it works fine. So you shouldn't worry about your applications if you need to interrupt a catalog conversion. Just pick it up later when it's convenient.

The install guide (see below) isn't clear on DSNTIJNH's capabilities, so I'm grateful to IBM for making this public comment on Linkedin.

Nonetheless, the DB2 10 for z/OS Installation and Migration Guide does list the various modes that are central to the migration process.

Here are the mode names for DB2 V8-to-DB2 V10 migrations:

  • CM8: Conversion mode from Version 8.
  • CM8*: Conversion mode* from Version 8.
  • ENFM8: Enabling-new-function mode from Version 8.
  • ENFM8*: Enabling-new-function mode* from Version 8.
  • NFM: New-function mode.

Here are the mode names for DB2 V9-to-DB2 V10 migrations:

  • CM9: Conversion mode from Version 9.
  • CM9*: Conversion mode* from Version 9.
  • ENFM9: Enabling-new-function mode from Version 9.
  • ENFM9*: Enabling-new-function mode* from Version 9.
  • NFM: New-function mode.