December 04, 2012

Becoming a DB2 'Expert'

As I noted in my previous post, Susan Visser blogs about DB2 and related topics on IBM developerWorks. She recently wrote about becoming a DB2 evangelist:


                "I’m sure many people have mixed emotions about the prospect of speaking at a conference because public speaking is still one of the number one fears in the world. Even people who you think are natural at speaking in front of thousands of people have fears. ...

                "This fear can be overcome, and thanks to the DB2Night Show’s 'DB2’s Got Talent' competition, you can slowly build up the skills you need to create a presentation that conveys content you want to share and to speak in front of others. You’ll get feedback, you’ll be recorded, and you can learn from your mistakes and do it again. I can’t think of a better way to build presentation skills."

DB2 evangelists, or experts, give presentations (and blog), but that's not how they got to be experts. They got to be experts by using the product -- just like you. DB2 is a great database. It's also an incredibly broad discussion topic. None of us knows it all. If you work on DB2, you most likely possess knowledge that, when shared, can benefit other DB2 users. If you've thought about sharing your experience with other DB2 professionals but weren't sure how to get started, here's a great way to jump in. Go to Susan's blog and read more about the contest.