January 15, 2013

Thank You

In 2007 I was asked by IBM Systems Magazine to start a new blog about DB2 for z/OS. My first thought was that taking on this endeavor would be a great way to share what I've learned over many years in this industry. It also occurred to me that blogging about DB2 would make it easier to keep up with the near-constant stream of new features brought to this function-rich database.

On the other hand, the DB2utor name did not come quickly. I consulted friends and coworkers over a period of several weeks before we arrived at it. I still like the DB2utor name because it encapsulates what this blog is all about: helping DB2 professionals -- newbies and veterans alike -- learn and become better at their jobs.

Readers have been invaluable to this blog throughout its 5 1/2 years. A lot of the questions I've received have served as post topics. Commenters also enhance this blog, sometimes clarifying things I've written and often providing additional information. I always value your comments and questions. By all means, don't stop now.

Back when this blog launched, Version 8 was the current DB2 release. I've covered DB2 8, DB2 9 and DB2 10. I've pointed out valuable and sometimes obscure DB2 resources, from IBM Redbooks and manuals to other DB2 blogs. The archives -- 265 posts and counting -- extend back to July 2007. Check them out sometime. We've learned a lot and shared a lot.

In the early days I was happy when I had 100 readers a week. Now, thanks to you, DB2utor averages more than 1,000 readers a week.

I look forward to 2013. I look forward to continuing to inform you, educate you and learn from you. As always, thanks for reading.