April 02, 2013

Big Data Sessions at IDUG

Unless you've been living under a rock I’m sure you've heard the term big data. Of course hearing about something isn't the same as understanding it. To get started with big data, you can do some reading (see the books I reference here and here), and you can also check out the sessions on big data at the upcoming IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Orlando from April 29 to May 3:

F01 - Offically Amazing - DB2 10 powers the world's largest data warehouse (Big Data and Analytics)

F02 - The Path Not Taken - Early Experiences with IDAA Assessments (Big Data and Analytics)

F03 - Extreme scaling with DB2 pureScale and DB2 compression (Big Data and Analytics)

F04 - Big Data and Reinventing Customer Engagement : Key Uses Cases To Be Aware Of (Big Data and Analytics)

F05 - Archive Solutions with IBM DB2 Analytics IDAA New Feature HPSS (Big Data and Analytics)

F06 - Get Ready for Big Data with IBM System z and DB2 for z/OS (Big Data and Analytics)

F07 - Data Warehouse Designs for Big Data Performance (Big Data and Analytics)

F08 - Your First Big Data Project - How To Be Smart And Get Off To A Good Start (Big Data and Analytics)

F09 - PureData for Operational Analytics Technical Update and Roadmap (Big Data and Analytics)

F10 - The Challenges and the Redesign of a BigData Mission Critical Application (Big Data and Analytics)

F11 - Analyze unstructured data by combining the of power of Hadoop cluster and IBM DB2 database (Big Data and Analytics)

F12 - 1000 Times Faster Queries on DB2 for z/OS - Can you say IDAA (Big Data and Analytics)

F13 - Understanding the DB2 10.1 NoSQL Graph Store and SPARQL processing inside-out (Big Data and Analytics)

F14 - Big Data and Operational Data Warehousing: taking Analytics to the Next level (Big Data and Analytics)

F15 - Connecting DB2 to big data (Big Data and Analytics)

In addition to these sessions, IBM is sharing its plans for big data in the Tuesday keynote speech featuring Bob Picciano, general manager of IBM’s information Management division.

I hope to see you at IDUG in Orlando. Remember: If this is your first IDUG conference, you can receive 80 percent off your registration fee if you qualify for the IDUG mentor program.