July 30, 2013

BLU, Data Studio Paired to Provide Data Analytics

In conjunction with its April announcement of IBM DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration, IBM released Data Studio 4.1. Once I read the section on Data Studio updates, I understood why IBM announced it with DB2 for LUW.

BLU Acceleration allows data to be stored in column organization rather than row organization, and Data Studio is the tool IBM has put in place to simplify this capability. Data Studio 4.1 includes a task assistant to automate database configuration (among other management actions). Once the database is enabled for BLU Acceleration, existing tables can be selected for reformatting with column organization.  The primary benefit of column organization, as you probably know, is that it allows DBAs to take advantage of high-speed data analytics. And as you can likely imagine, this level of automation will make things much easier for DBAs.

For a complete description of all new features see the what’s New and Changed in IBM Data Studio Version 4.1.

If you are using Data Studio with Rational Developer for System z, you should definitely review the changes spelled out in that section of this document. Some features have been removed, including the capability to collect the actual values to compute the cost of the SQL statement in DB2 for z/OS data sources. Other features -- such as DAS support, which I wrote about last week -- are being deprecated.