July 16, 2013

DAS, Control Center Tools Being Phased Out

A DB2-L mailing list member recently asked how to configure the DB2 Administration Server (DAS) on z/OS using the sample JCL found in the HighLevel install library (SDAHSLIB).

While I wasn't up on the latest DAS implementation, the posting made me curious, so I searched for documentation on DAS on z/OS configuration and the SDAHSLIB library. After some fruitless efforts, I checked the "DB2 for LUW: What's New for DB2 Version 9.7" manual.

In Chapter 20, there are statements about the DAS and the Control Center tools being deprecated, and that IBM could remove either or both in a future release. The Control Center tools, in fact, have already been discontinued, as the "DB2 for LUW: What’s new for DB2 Version 10.1" manual confirms. (See Chapter 24.) This means that Control Center 9.7 and earlier tools cannot be used to connect version 10.1 databases.

The DAS is only required for using Control Center tools or performing remote administration. IBM recommends using the freely available Data Studio tools in place of the Control Center tools.