July 09, 2013

The Value of 'Manual' Labor

More than once I've noted the usefulness of maintaining and updating a personal library of DB2 for z/OS technical documentation.

Well, I've just refreshed my collection of manuals for both DB2 10 and DB2 9, and from what I've noticed, IBM has made extensive updates. While IBM unfortunately doesn't make it convenient to save documentation -- I'd love to be able to download a single .zip file containing all these manuals -- you can browse and download individual manuals here, or use the IBM Information Center.

I regularly revisit the documentation I keep, both in my job and in the course of doing research for this blog. For instance, I couldn't have written last week's post on avoiding lock contention without the updated information I found in current manuals.

So if you haven't refreshed your library lately -- or you'd like to start one -- now is a good time.