August 27, 2013

Advanced SQL Training on IDUG

I just came across a treasure trove of SQL knowledge. The content area on now includes a presentation on advanced SQL by Sheryl Larsen. Sheryl recently accepted a position with IBM and has donated portions of her educational materials to IDUG for use by its members.

I’ve had the pleasure of taking several classes from Sheryl over the years. She always has great insights about the DB2 optimizer along with valuable tips for writing advanced SQL. I've scanned the presentation posted at IDUG, and it's terrific. It's titled, "Sheryl Larsen Advanced SQL Coding Seminar."

Since free online registration is required to access the presentation, I'll give you a snapshot of what's covered. Here's the table of contents:


SQL Performance

  • DB2 Engine Components
  • Predicate Processing Intelligence
  • Optimizer Details
  • SQL Performance Rules

Simple to Complex Relational Division

  • Joins
  • Table Expressions
  • Outer Joins
  • Basic Subqueries
  • Advanced Subqueries

Global Temporary Tables

  • Created
  • Declared
  • Practical Uses

Recursive Queries

  • Basic Syntax
  • How does Recursion Start
  • How does Recursion Stop


  • Basic Syntax
  • The True Power
  • Complex Examples

V8 SQL Enhancements

  • Multi-Row Insert
  • Multi-Row Fetch
  • Dynamic Scrollable Cursors
  • GROUP BY Expression
  • Materialized Query Tables

DB2 9 SQL Enhancements

Appendix A: DB2 10 SQL Enhancements

Appendix B: DB2 V8 SQL Additional Enhancements

Appendix C:  Repositioning Cursors


I hope you'll check out the full presentation. And if you do and you find it informative (as I'm sure you will), please send Sheryl a quick thank you email. Her contact information is listed in the presentation.