August 06, 2013

Searching for IBM Global Education Offerings

Have you searched the Internet for DB2 for z/OS training but couldn't find the course you needed? Recently I found myself in this situation I was looking for a specific DB2 for z/OS performance monitoring and tuning course that was recommended by a colleague in the Czech Republic. My colleague in Prague found a local class called "DB2 for z/OS: Monitoring & Tuning for Systems’ Performance." But I couldn't find anything equivalent in the United States.

Then I stumbled on an IBM global education search engine. To help you pinpoint your search, you can filter down by country, language, technology area and task area. To get a list of DB2 for z/OS classes I selected "information management" for the technology area and "performance" for the task area. Once I removed the country filter, I got back a list of classes in several countries. Turns out the course I was looking at isn't offered in the U.S., but at least now I know for certain.