October 22, 2013

An IDUG Perspective on DB2 11

The IDUG DB2 11 Editorial Committee was formed in March. The team was comprised of volunteers from IDUG’s worldwide community of DB2 users and consultants: Ron Brown, Cuneyt Goksu, Dan Luksetich, Bjarne Nelson, Toine Michielse, Christian Molaro, Kurt Struyf, Julian Stuhler, Billy Sundarrajan and Isaac Yassin. Working alongside IBM in its formal Early Support Program (ESP), this impressive group of industry experts gained valuable insight into the new release.

The committee's findings, including practical experiences and independent evaluations of new features, are presented in this white paper.

I like how committee members organized their report by job disciplines (systems programmer, DBA, developer). This list of topics should give you an idea of the detail involved:

Highlights for systems programmers:

  • Extended logging
  • DRDA/DDF enhancements
  • Buffer pool enhancements
  • Data-sharing enhancements
  • SELECT from directory pagesets
  • Additional zIIP enablement
  • Installation
  • Migration
  • Exploitation of EC12 features

Highlights for DBAs:

  • Temporal table enhancements
  • Online schema change enhancements
  • Bind/rebind enhancements
  • Insert performance improvements
  • SQL compatibility features
  • XML enhancements
  • Utility enhancements
  • Security enhancements
  • Instrumentation enhancements

Highlights for developers:

  • Transparent archive query
  • SQL enhancements
  • Analytics enhancements
  • Global variables
  • Variable arrays
  • Declared global temporary table enhancements

Wow. Thanks to the IDUG Editorial Committee for providing their insights and sharing their experiences with these features. I encourage you to read the white paper for yourself; it's well worth the time.