November 12, 2013

The Impact of DB2 Analytic Accelerator

I recently learned about a new IBM Redbook titled, “Hybrid Analytics Solution using IBM DB2 Analytic Accelerator for z/OS V3.1.”

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The analytics lifecycle
Chapter 2. Using the Studio client to manage the environment
Chapter 3. Data latency management
Chapter 4. Accelerator resource management
Chapter 5. Query acceleration management
Chapter 6. High-Performance Storage Saver
Chapter 7. Incremental update
Chapter 8. Impact of new Netezza hardware and software components
Chapter 9. Monitoring DB2 Analytics Accelerator environments
Chapter 10. IBM zEnterprise Analytics System 9700
Chapter 11. High availability considerations
Appendix A. Accelerated queries
Appendix B. Notes on maintenance
Appendix C. DSNZPARM parameters setting for data warehouse
Appendix D. Tools for Accelerator
Appendix E. Additional material


If you work on OLTP systems and haven't been involved with the data warehouse side of the business, you're in for a surprise. The business is changing, and tools like the DB2 accelerators and Netezza can help you do your job. Chapter 1 nicely lays out the need to push analytics closer to the source data. 

Note that Version 4.1 of the IBM DB2 Analytic Accelerator for DB2 for z/OS is set for Nov. 29 general availability. Per IBM's announcement letter, here are some key benefits of the product:

·         Significantly improves query performance and execution time

·         Minimizes data latency, enabling near real-time applications

·         Lowers the cost of storing, managing, and processing historical data

·         Reduces capacity requirements for complex query workloads

While the Redbook (which was published in late September), doesn't cover the latest version of the product, it will give you a better understanding of IBM DB2 Analytic Accelerators and their impact on applications.