December 03, 2013

Eleven Reasons to Upgrade to DB2 11

For each new DB2 version, I like to create a summary of the top reasons customers should upgrade to the latest release. For instance, back in June 2010, I gave you 10 reasons to upgrade to DB2 10.

My choices for the best things about that release were CPU savings, followed by scalability and availability. I really hope you'll take a moment to review that post. Did your top reason for upgrading to DB2 10 make my list? If not, please post a comment why your company upgraded.

As for the new release, IBM's goal with DB2 11 is to expand value in these areas:

• DB2 CPU savings and operational efficiencies

• Availability and security

• Connectivity

• Business analytics

• Migration

• Support for mobile device requests

I'm certainly excited about the latest version of DB2, so I'll take a step further. Here are 11 reasons why I believe customers should upgrade to DB2 11:

  1. CPU reductions. Yes, as with DB2 10, I see this as DB2 11's biggest attribute. According to IBM, DB2 11 brings out of the box savings of up to 10 percent for complex OLTP, up to 10 percent for update-intensive batch and up to 40 percent for complex reporting.
  2. Extended logging. DB2 11 provides improved availability through extended log record addressing capacity (1 yottabyte) for sites with heavy logging.
  3. Data sharing. IBM projects performance improvements of 2X to 5X in this area, stemming from more efficient index structure modification and full LRSN spin avoidance.
  4. Additional online schema. This improves availability through additional online schema changes that simplify management, reduce the need for planned outages and minimize the need for REORG.
  5. It's easier/faster to run concurrent BIND and DDL operations against long-running persistent threads.
  6. Archive data. DB2 11 includes support for using DB2 temporal and transparent archive technologies while providing intregration with the separately available IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS.
  7. Business analytics. New SQL and in-database scoring technology provide greater data integration.
  8. Big data. The new release offers application integration support with Hadoop through SQL.
  9. Other SQL improvements. Array data types and global variables, among other enhancements, add flexibility and simplify portability.
  10. A reduced need for REORG. This is provided through automatic clean up after index pseudo deletes.
  11. Application compatibility. With this capability, customers don't have to delay migration as a result of incompatible SQL or XML changes in the latest DB2 release.

Once again, I'm curious to know how your list compares to mine. What are your reasons for upgrading to DB2 11?