January 14, 2014

Incompatibilities that Could Impact Migrations to DB2 11

As part of the process of migrating from DB2 Version 10 to DB2 11, you should be aware of these incompatibilities:

·         Application and SQL release incompatibilities: Next week's post will cover application and SQL-specific incompatibilities in detail.


·         V10R1 application compatibility: When the application compatibility value is set to V10R1, applications that attempt to use functions and features introduced in DB2 11 or later versions may behave differently or receive errors.

·         Utility release incompatibilities.

·         Command release incompatibilities.

·         Storage release incompatibilities.


·         Other release incompatibilities.


·         Deprecated functions: During migration it's important to know of all functions that are deprecated in DB2 11. While deprecated functions are still supported, that support could be removed in the future. So avoid creating new dependencies that rely deprecated functions and plan to remove existing dependencies.


·         Functions that are no longer supported.