May 13, 2014

Redbook Details Key DB2 11 Enhancements

IBM just released a draft version of the Redbook, "DB2 11 for z/OS Performance Topics." The publication details key functions for those migrating from DB2 Version 10.

DB2 10 was a major release that provided out of the box CPU savings, and this direction continues with DB2 11. Most of the DB2 11 CPU reductions are built into the DB2 engine and do not require application changes. You can take advantage of these enhancements even in CM mode (after REBIND for static SQL and PREPARE for dynamic).

IBM points to these CPU reductions for customers migrating from DB2 10:

  • Online transaction workloads savings of up to 10 percent.
  • Update-intensive batch workload savings up to 10 percent.
  • Complex reporting queries savings of 25-40 percent when processing compressed tables. 
  • Queries executed on DB2 Analytics Accelerator can see up to 10 percent savings.
  • zIIP eligibility can contribute to cost reduction as the majority of asynchronous SRB processing under DB2 address space as well as the RUNSTATS and LOAD utilities are now zIIP-eligible.

Of course there's far more than I can include here, but to give you a broad idea of the material covered in this publication, here's the chapter list:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Subsystem

Chapter 3: Synergy with z platform

Chapter 4: Availability

Chapter 5: DB2 Analytics Accelerator

Chapter 6: Data sharing

Chapter 7: SQL

Chapter 8: Application enablement

Chapter 9: Distributed environment

Chapter 10: Utilities

Chapter 11: Installation and migration

Chapter 12: Monitoring

If a DB2 10-to-DB2 11 migration is in your near future -- or if you've already completed one -- this Redbook is well worth your time. I'd appreciate hearing about your impressions of the document, as well as your views on DB2 11's most compelling enhancements. Please share your thoughts in comments.