July 08, 2014

Happy 7th Anniversary to DB2utor

I was recently talking to another DB2 professional who said that when he's looking for DB2 information, he usually ends up at DB2utor. That was a very nice complement. It's also the sort of impact I hoped this blog would have when I started it.

As it happens, DB2utor launched seven years ago this month. While this site houses a wealth of information on DB2, DB2 itself, of course, is ever-evolving thanks to the efforts of IBM developers. DB2utor will also continue to evolve, and I hope you'll be a part of it. I've always relied on readers to tell me what they're interested in. Check the DB2utor archive and you'll find more than 100 tags covering DB2 and related topics. If there's something you believe should be added to that list, please let me know.

I’m thankful that people take the time to read these posts, and I'm especially appreciative of those who take a moment to post a comment on the blog or contact me directly. In short, I'm grateful for your continued support.