August 26, 2014

IBM Redbook Mobile App

Over the years, I've written often about IBM Redbooks. I enjoy learning from the experts who author these publications. I also enjoy sharing this information with DB2utor readers.

Recently I discovered that IBM has a new Redbook management application for IOS and Android mobile devices. I’ve downloaded the app and I must say, it's pretty cool.

When you first open the application, you'll see six menu options. 

  • Find IBM Redbooks
  • News
  • My Favorites
  • Visit us on the web
  • Connect with us
  • Find IBM resources

“Find IBM Redbooks” and “My Favorites” are my favorite options. With Find IBM Redbooks, you can sort Redbooks by publication data, popularity, subject area and publication type. With the latest publications, you can tap on the title and read an abstract and/or the table of contents. You can also save the link, download it to your device or share in Facebook, Twitter or email.

I use My Favorites to archive and read Redbooks. With this option, you can organize saved Redbooks into user-defined folders. Plus there's a bookmarking capability so you can quickly access key information.

Learn more and download the Redbook app here.