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August 10, 2009


I've added your blog to planet i (

This is a cool idea. How about morphing it into the old "Tips and Techniques" composites that used to come out of Rochester and were also presentations at COMMON? Just put in on the magazine's webber with a xref index and this is gonna mushroom big time... :)

Finally - A great source of good news from the Rochester front. Thank you Dawn! Looking forward to the goodies!.

For those who do not know Dawn, she is an AWESOME speaker at COMMON and general representative of the IBM i at many interesting discussions like the COMMON Americas Advisory Council where we tend to take the gloves off while debating IBM i Operating System Specifics and then go out for a beer!

This is going to be a great place to learn more about the i...

Thank you David for adding this in!

BRAVO DAWN! I so agree with this concept. I sat in Jim Herring's office with a few colleagues after 5.4 was released. We had been running the release for 6 months at this time yet the experts Jim invited from the lab STUNNED us with features new to 5.4 that we had no idea existed!

How frustrating it must be to create some cool new feature or function only to realize that nobody knows about it!


- DrFranken

Giddy up! I am officially subscribed to this blog. Can't wait for some hidden gems.

Aaron Bartell

Welcome to the club Dawn - delighted to hear that we helped inspire this new vehicle.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

By the way, the next RPG and DB2 Summit is in Minneapolis from October 13th to 15th - if you would like to have another opportunity to chat with a few "real" IBM i users we'd be more than happy to host you for a day or two.

What a great idea for a blog, Dawn! I'm really looking forward to reading this regularly.

I may also be biased, but as we've said in our own blog, Jon and I certainly agree with you that the IBM Rochester lab has many remarkable people doing remarkable things. And too many of them don't get to be heard by the general public. Hopefully your blog can help to address that!

Welcome to the blogging world Dawn!! I just blogged about your new blog to help get the word out.

What a great concept for a blog, this will be extremely helpful to our customers.

I have an RSS feed to your blog set up in my Notes client, so I will be able to keep abreast of all of the great things you and your team will be posting.

Dawn, I would be very intereseted in locating a good resource for the iSeries Navigator for V5R4. Do you or your cohorts have any favorites for this?

Hi Kevin,
The IBM i Access link from last week's post on documentation does link to the iSeries Navigator page.

However, there is a Web page just for Navigator. The URL is

Under the Resources tab you can find a lot of great information!

It does appear that the link to the Information Center just takes you to the main Information Center page. In the V5R4 Information Center, you will find iSeries Navigator under the "Connecting to System i" topic.

The URL to get to iSeries Navigator in the V5R4 Information Center directly is


You can find which CL commands are new and changed via the CL command finder (Programming > Control language > CL command finder > Find by group). It's true that you cannot see what has changed within the particular command because there are no >> << indicators, but you can identify which commands are new or changed through the lists in the finder.

Some of you might find this useful - There is a summary of what is new and changed in the IBM i Information Center each release. Here is the V6R1 summary:

The links here go directly the "what's new" information for each category. Or, if the entire category is new, the link will take you to the overview page.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have a very large collection of AS/400, iSeries, IBM and all things 400, so to speak, websites.

I have found all kinds of free "stuff" that we use regularly.
I also spent a lot of my own time researching / compiling this "stuff".

It's nice to know someone has taken the time and effort to put something like this together.

Hey Dawn, we're pulling for you, and for the other fine folks in Rochester. We're pulling for IBM i.


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