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October 26, 2009


Hi Dawn,
I really like the look of that new Logical Partitions Overview chart. We are running two 595s (9119-FHA) running a mix of i5/OS and AIX LPARs on both 595s, so that CPU Util would come in very handy.
In your previous blog you listed three PTFs SI35659, SI35663 and SI35833 for the Performance Data Investigator enhancements. Are these i 6.1(.0) PTFs? And when will these be released by IBM as the PTF Cover Letters site can not find these PTFs yet.


There has been a problem found in the collection of the data for multiple partitions. The development team is working on a fix. I will post the PTF number when it is available.

PTF SI36986 corrects the problem with the collection of data for multiple partitions. This PTF has been approved and is generally available. If you are interested in the physical system CPU reporting features, please be sure to install this fix.

Our mma and 8204 each have 4 LPAR's and we use the Physical System charts and data, should we install PTF SI36986/SI38841 on our system i systems?

Also, we have an mma running all AIX 5.3 LPAR's and have enabled the "Allow performance information collection" option on the HMC LPAR's. How do we create the charts? We have NMON installed.

By "system i systems" I assume you are referring to the pre-POWER6 timeframe when we had system i and system p. This function does not work with system i hardware models. However, these are software PTFs, and it's a good idea to keep current on software PTFs, even if the feature you are interested in might have hardware dependencies that are not met. If I misunderstood your question, feel free to contact me offline to clarify.

Regarding the second point - the physical system charts are only available through IBM i - but these charts will include all partitions on the machine, including the ones that are running AIX.

If you want an AIX-centric view of the CEC as opposed to an IBM i-centric view, then you have to use different tools. The one that I am aware of is lpar2rrd and it is available from developerworks -

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