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October 20, 2009


PTFs SI35659 and SI35663 both require PTF SI36093; however it has come to my attention that there is a delay in the availability of SI36093.

In addition, it is recommended to get the updated group PTF rather than the individual PTFs. The group PTF is SF99115 but the latest update is not yet available.

I will post an update when these PTFs are available.


Hi Dawn,
I saw last Monday (NZ time) that IBM have now released those three i 6.1 5769SS1 PTFs, incl. SI36093. There is also a bunch of co- and pre-req PTFs, but those are easily downloaded via Fix Central along with those three PTFs you listed. I didn't grab the latest SF99115 group yet, but as my test system has level 5 installed and the latest group is level 10, I'll grab that too.
In the meantime, I have a collection running into the QAPMLPARH file, and can view the new Physical System charts very nicely via Systems Director Navigator. I did notice though that for some reason I am only seeing the CPU data for LPAR ids 1 to 4 on the charts, whereas our 595 currently has 17 LPARs ( a mix of i 6.1, AIX and VIOS). The four I can see are three i 6.1 and one AIX LPAR. When I run an SQL over the QAPMLPARH file, I see the same. LPAR ids 1 to 4 only.
I have opened a PMR with IBM for this.

The PTFs are now available.

As I noted in my prior update, it is recommended to get the latest level of group PTF SF99115.

Just to let you know that APAR SE39737 was created a few weeks ago. I was then able to download test PTF SI36986 today, which I applied on one of test systems that collects the data in QAPMLPARH. I can now see the data for all 17 LPARs on our 595 via Systems Director Nav., Performance Data Investigator.


PTF SI36986 has been approved and is generally available. If you are interested in the physical system CPU reporting features, please be sure to install this fix.

The health indicator does not show up on my screen. Is there something I should set up first?


Hi P Tan,

Have you installed the PTFs and restarted the Admin HTTP Server?

To get to the health indicators, use the following navigation:

From the main welcome panel of the IBM Systems Director Navigator, you select the Performance task in the left-hand frame. When the performance tasks open, select "Investigate Data".

On the Investigate Data tab, you should see Collection Services and Health Indicators. If you have the appropriate options of PT1 installed, you will also see Job Watcher, Disk Watcher, and Performance Explorer.


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