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December 07, 2009


The SQL cancel support has been improved. Customer feedback on the cancel support showed that cancels were allowed to end Native DB I/O operations. The following PTF has been provided to allow cancel users to direct the database whether to allow Record Level Access (RLA) operations to be canceled.

IBM i 6.1 PTF SI41025
IBM i 7.1 PTF SI41151

OSP-DB Add QIBM_SQL_NO_RLA_CANCEL environment variable

The SQL Cancel support includes logic to insure that DB2 for i programs are active on the stack of the initial thread in the target job for the cancel request. Applications which utilize
Native DB I/O can observe cases where the cancel request is processed and a record level access operation ends with MSGCPF5257 followed by MSGCPF9999.

An environment variable can be used by the customer to direct DB2 for i to avoid canceling RLA access operations. Upon the first cancel request for a specific job, the environment variable QIBM_SQL_NO_RLA_CANCEL will be accessed. If the environment variable exists, the cancel request will not be
honored when RLA is the only database work on-going within the initial thread at the time the cancel request is received.

The environment variable is SQL Cancel operational switch. The variable can be created at the job or system level. Creating it once at the system level will affect how SQL Cancel's are processed for all jobs.




Scott Forstie
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