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April 06, 2010


This is some way cool technology that I think will serve a lot of purposes - people are use to an omnipotent type find like that of Google.

What is the easiest way to get my hands on this? Kent's white paper talks about ordering the product but doesn't point me anyplace where I can start (I quite trying to navigate a long time ago).

It would be great if I could download it directly onto my machine without any extra steps. Is something like this available?

Also, it mentions that this is *available* in 6.1, but do you know if it will come pre-installed (i.e. you'd have to opt-out if you didn't want it) in subsequent releases? I ask these questions because cool technologies like these can be overlooked if they are hard to obtain.

Aaron Bartell

Customers should use IBM's e-Config process to order the omnifind 5733OMF product. These links should help lead you through the process.

Home Page:

FAQ Page:

I've published a new blog on the 7.1 XML enhancements for DB2 for i that were announced, because it’s a great time to mention the XML search support that is available in OmniFind for DB2 for i 7.1.

You can find that post at

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