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October 26, 2010


What were customers having for issues that necessitated this? I probably do a lot less SQL than other shops because a lot of my coding is RPG native access and I only go to SQL for dynamic result set selection.

Aaron - there are environments where many applications are using SQL and there can be hundreds of QSQSRVR jobs. Prior to this change, it was very difficult to impossible to be able to tie the QSQSRVR jobs back to the application requesting them. This change provides that additional level of management.

On 7.1 is there a way to configure the QSQSRVR jobs being used in conjunction with an HTTP Server. We are doing a lot of web services and the QSQSRVR jobs are getting out of hand.

Hello Greg,
I have an upcoming PTF for 7.1 that should help. PTF SI48797 will ship the following change. Net... apply the PTF and HTTP Server based SQL Server Jobs will show up in the subsystem specified within the QIBM_SRVRMODE_SBS environment variable.
Regards, Scott Forstie

The QIBM_SRVRMODE_SBS environment variable is ignored whenever the name of the application subsystem is 'QHTTPSVR' or 'ZEND'. These two subsystems are used by the IBM DB2 Web Query and the Zend PHP products. Both of these products utilize SQL CLI for accessing DB2 for i databases.

The QIBM_SRVRMODE_SBS environment variable processing has been changed to allow 'QHTTPSVR' and 'ZEND' subsystems to be utilized for QSQSRVR SQL server mode activity.

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