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February 01, 2011


Some nice tricks there but you still can't beat the support in IBM i Navigator like customizing column selection and sequence, very powerful sub-setting, and the ability to use all of a very large screen!

Larry - you're very right about the flexibility System i Navigator and IBM Systems Director Navigator can give you for customizing the columns of data and for searching and sorting.

Plus - with IBM Systems Director Navigator and 7.1, there's also good integration between Active Jobs and the Performance Tools - now I know what I'll be writing about next week!


Is it possible to use autorefresh of system operator messages when using with director navigator. Can we get that functionality added.

I forwarded the request about the possibility of an automatic refresh capability with Navigator to the development team. The console framework does support an auto refresh feature and it is already being used in a few tasks - the Integrated Server Administration tasks, for example.

Changing to support this auto-refresh feature for System Operator Messages is being considered.

If there are additional tasks or pages where the auto-refresh capability would be useful, please comment here or feel free to send me an email.


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