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May 24, 2011


I have tried the IBM Systems Director, but it is so slow on our Power 5 machine that it is impossible to use it. I do not know, if our machine is to slow to run this software or if we have a faulty configuration?

First, I assume you mean IBM Systems Director Navigator, because IBM Systems Director is related product. See this blog post that describes them -

First, make sure you are up to date on all your PTFs.

The following are some basic HW requirements to ensure good performance:

For a single user:
.5 uncapped processors
Minimum of 2 GB of memory in the *BASE pool (more is always better)
Minimum of 3 disk arms, unprotected

For multiple users:
2 uncapped processors
Minimum of 6-8 GB of memory in the *BASE pool (more is always better)
Minimum of 6 disk arms, unprotected

Also, networking issues, such as DNS problems, will also result in very poor performance and should also be checked.

If you have sufficient hardware resources and no networking issues, performance should not be an issue. If it is, you can call contact the IBM Support Center for assistance in determining why your performance is slow.



I believe System Director Navigator for i functions run on very many threads in the memory pool. So, it may help to set sufficiently high MAX ACTIVE value (in WRKSYSSTS screen) for the pool (*BASE by default. I would go for a value of 200 as a start.


In addition to Dawn's comments above; Also check the knowledge base article 'IBM System Director Navigator, Navigation Missing or Unresponsive'

That did the trick for me.

You are correct - the activity level for the *BASE pool must be set high enough. Our general recommendation has been to set it to at least 1000 if it is not that high. It's also important to ensure that the *MACHINE pool is large enough too. With Java, you do not want threads to go ineligible.

We have not done any experiments with changing the QHTTPSVR subsystem configuration to run in its own storage pool. If any readers have done this, I would be interested to learn about your results.

Tom - thanks for the link to that knowledge base article.


I have been struggling with getting this working for some time, we have a small 8203-E4B with 4GB memory (3GB in *BASE) but only 2 disk arms (we are 12% utilization though).

We moved to 7.1 and the performance was acceptable (not good or even passable) but it did work. That was until we turned on SSL and then everything stopped working again (very slow). So we have turned it off again and we can access the pages again albeit very slowly. Our average page display is counted in multiple seconds even after its been running for some time. We will contact IBM at sometime to try to sort out the SSL issue but its not the top priority.


For anyone that has performance problems when using IBM Systems Director Navigator, we at IBM do want to address these concerns. It would be very helpful if you could work through the problem by contacting IBM support.

Also, please provide some details on the area(s) where you are having problems, such as:

- Waiting for the console to appear?
- waiting for lists to appear?
- Navigating within lists?
- Going back and forth between tabs in the console?
- Performing actions on items in lists?
- Other?


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