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July 19, 2011


We used this as soon as it became available. Prior to this a (now former) employee showed the users the command CLROUTQ QEZJOBLOG. This caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth trying to find stuff that went wrong.
The users no longer have to wade through joblogs in WRKSPLF and they don't delete much needed information.

I'd be curious to know if anybody else out there in "Java on IBMi" land would be interested in having Java follow the same logging approach (i.e. use the joblog) so all logs can be found in the same assumed locations.

I get involved in running Java on a number of IBMi machines because of my open source project and it is always hard to get information about errors depending on where Java is putting them.

I'm an "Java on IBMi" guy too, and, yes, I'd like if Java would follow the same logging approach :-)

Hi Aaron,
I forwarded your comment about Java on i using the job log to the IBM i development team. While this would indeed be a nice enhancement, it's not something you will likely see happen. Since Java on i is the same implementation as on other platforms, it allows for the standard Java tooling in the industry to be used seamlessly on IBM i.


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